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Causes of Underarm Sweating

Causes of normal sweating in the underarms are obvious. Sweat removes harmful substances from the body and serves for thermoregulation in case of increased physical activity. However, in case of excessive underarm sweating, the afflicted person can produce several times more sweat than a healthy person without any apparent cause. In short, sweat glands simply do what they want. If you sweat once in a while because it's hot outside or in the room, it's okay. But if your underarms are constantly decorated with sweaty circles, it is already a pathological condition that needs to be treated.

Find out how to finally eliminate excessive underarm sweating.

Why is there excessive underarm sweating? It is clearly a hereditary disease that, unfortunately, passes from one generation to another. If there was someone suffering from this disease in your family, it is very likely you will suffer the same fate. Excessive sweating occurs most often during an early age or puberty. In some women, there may be a sudden increase in underarm sweating during the menopause. The condition then stays with the affected person forever.

But do not despair. If you or anyone in your family have excessive underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis), there is a solution that will help you to remove your problems for good. It is the first and only solution in the world which showed 100 % efficacy and problem-free tolerability in all patients.

Find out how to finally eliminate excessive underarm sweating.