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Treatment of Excessive Underarm Sweating

In past, blocking the manifestations of axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) was not an easy task. Whenever doctors came up with an effective solution, there was always a catch to it. A typical example are botulinum toxin injections, which are applied to the areas producing excessive amounts of sweat. The treatment consisted in the application of several tens of neurotoxin injections in the underarm. In case of a successful treatment, excessive sweating then subsided for many weeks. Here, the catch was the high price of the treatment, which was as much as hundreds of dollars a year, as the treatment needs to be repeated several times during the year to maintain its effects. In addition, some patients did not respond to botulinum toxin at all and so their considerable investment came to naught.

Find out how to finally eliminate excessive underarm sweating.

In past, there was also a surgery under general anaesthesia called thoracic sympathectomy. This consisted in removing a cluster of nerves in the spine which ensure the transmission of nerve signals from the brain to the sweat glands. Over time, unfortunately, it was found out that the treatment then after some time causes serious problems. It was discovered that sweating in the underarms only moves to another part of the body and the affected person then starts to sweat, for example, on the back, abdomen, chest, genitals, or buttocks. Not speaking of some cases of heart rhythm disorders. Such a solution to excessive underarm sweating then ultimately brings more problems than benefits. Not surprisingly, this method has been more or less abandoned.

Find out how to finally eliminate excessive underarm sweating.

Recently, however, a new solution was discovered that not only avoids the above ailments, but that also achieves an unparalleled success rate. During clinical trials, it was verified that this solution has helped to all 100 % of the treated persons, who had previously suffered from excessive underarm sweating. This solution is called Electro Antiperspirant, and it can stop excessive underarm sweating within a few days with the effects lasting for several months on a single application.

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